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Why do You Rob Clouds? Because That's Where the Money Is!

There has been, apparently, a theft of nude pictures of celebrities and pictures claimed to be of celebrities (some celebrities have denied the shots are of them, some have said that the shots are of them). 578 more words


What are SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records all about?

As with a lot of new technologies the real power comes from when they are used by the masses.

Sender Policy Framework or SPF is no longer a new technology and is generally widely used to help preserve email domain reputation for large organisations, but  is not as well-known about in the Small to Medium sized business end of the email market. 1,076 more words


News You Should Know: August Round-Up

Our monthly news round-up continues below with August’s highlights.

 Tug-of-war over Common Core in Louisiana. Last week, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) filed a legal suit… 321 more words


social practice as ‘expanded field’ or ‘excluded field’

This blog post is explores elements of my doctoral research exploring the question of whether participatory art can support sustainable social change. It’s taken from some of the writing in the introduction to my second draft literature review… 536 more words

Sustainable Participatory Art

UAL Launches new Sickness Absence Policy

From 1 August 2014 UAL has introduced a new Sickness Absence Policy. This policy has been developed following a thorough review of our practice in consultation with unions and managers. 77 more words


The right’s food stamp embarrassment: A history lesson for the haters - CAITLIN RATHE MONDAY, SEP 1, 2014 7:00 PM UTC

While conservatives love to beat up on the SNAP program, there’s an awkward little fact that might horrify them

Food stamps became part of American life 50 years ago this Sunday when President Lyndon B. 346 more words


Drug education doesn't work well, here's part of the solution

Last year I wrote a paper (“A Flawed Solution, a Persistent Problem”) about a concrete solution to the War on Drugs, painting it as a failed solution to a legitimate problem, that we need to solve in a better, more humane way. 478 more words