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A Badge Does Not Make You King

It appears that the store owner did not like having a black man sitting outside his shop. The female cop decided to first harass and then arrest this man for the crime of… 410 more words


Got To See This One

Follow the link in this tweet from Chris Hayes of MSNBC.

@chrislhayes: Genuine question: how many videos are there like this that we don’t see? Or are we seeing all the ones that exist? 7 more words

U.S. police department uses "Stingray" surveillance equipment

A Washington state police department just south of Seattle has for years been quietly using controversial surveillance equipment that can collect records of all cellphone calls, text messages and data transfers within a half-mile radius, according to local media.

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Ferguson Reflections

By David Rovics

I just got back from a trip to Ferguson, and elsewhere in the St Louis area, and I thought I’d share some of the thoughts and observations I’ve had along the way. 5,375 more words

How many more times

There’s something to be said for the Miami Vice theory of policing according to which no suspect ever reaches the courtroom.

Mr Putin is the Chichikov of Russian politics. 70 more words


The Art of the 'Reassurance Visit'

The other day I accompanied my colleague PC Old Sweat to visit a lady on our ward who was concerned about markings that had apparently appeared overnight on the front brickwork of her property. 309 more words