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The Veteran and why experience matters.


Below is a note I received via e-mail thanking all of you for a job well done. Keep up the good efforts, the vast majority of our citizens do appreciate your work. 1,554 more words


Two worlds with a foot in each one.

“You can’t make this stuff up.”  If you work in law enforcement, or if you’re close with someone who does, you’ve probably heard this expression.  Because it’s true.  1,061 more words


My one and only rant about police work... maybe.

Ok, well this will be my one and only rant about police work because I don’t like mixing work with social media. It’s a bad idea because as a cop, your social media can be subpoenaed into court to show your character. 2,250 more words


Retirement Ramblings, part 1

By Hal Collier

I retired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2005, after thirty-five years as a street cop. I spent most of my time working Hollywood Division, the Entertainment Capital of the World. 636 more words

Law Enforcement

research, if it doesn't kill you

You can do this. You won’t sound ridiculous. They will talk to you. No, they’re not going to hang up, what’s wrong with you? A little self-confidence hasn’t killed anyone. 926 more words

Law enforcement careers and ADHD

By far the most viewed post in Cinder Cone history is “Can you enlist in the military if you have ADHD?” A similar question is whether you can become a law enforcement officer if you have ADHD, and I suspect lots of people also want to know the answer to that. 1,641 more words


Earl (15)

Note: Hey there! I don’t own Kuroshitsuji, nor any of the original characters that are a part of that fandom. Yana Toboso owns that universe. This is the fifteenth part to this fan fiction story of mine, and I hope you guys enjoy it. 2,595 more words