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Pokemon X/Y Nuzlocke: Day 7 – Expanding My Graveyard

Things went down hill rather quickly during this session. In the following trails and the glittering cave, I encountered many fighting type users and Pokemon. As I discovered, I have a massive fighting weakness. 317 more words

Video Game

First Time Here...? Well this is the current events + an introduction!

So this a blog (obviously) about my free time and what I like to do. I starting blog openly because sometimes things happen in my life that is really exciting and I want to share it with people. 380 more words


And Then I Totally Binged on Pokemon...

Raptr sends me a report every Monday telling me how many hours of video games they tracked me playing the previous week.  When yesterday’s report indicated I had played less than two hours in the last week of August, I should have been quite skeptical.  2,152 more words


Day 2: Favourite Childhood Character

Today is Day 2 of my 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I drew Pikachu as part of today’s prompt: Draw your favourite Childhood Character. See below for the 30 Days I’m working from!


Pokemon Black, part 5

My party is now Swanna, Emboar, Arheops, Musharna, Excadrill, and Zebstrika. They’re a pretty formidable party! I finally beat the Driftveil City gym using Excadrill. I already beat the Mistralton gym too. 60 more words