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XIX. I walk around as though I have lost the love of my life

I walk around as though I have lost the love of my life

As though he took his life as I slept beside him because I could not love him in the right way… 76 more words


At Other End. (a poem)

with every breath, I wonder,
with every post I gather clue,
I wonder how your life unveiled
and on WordPress, I met you…

with every Follow two lives connect, 62 more words


Bukowski street art, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Nine images of Charles Bukowski grace a wall in Montréal, Québec, Canada.


Let’s Start a Bloggers' International “Be Kind to Each Other Group”.

It seems to me that bloggers are a natural social-support group. When we read a post from someone who seems down, or is struggling in some aspect of their lives, most of us have a tendency to offer a kind word of encouragement. 178 more words

100 artists in 100 days: A full look at "Sneak Pique"

PIQUE is a project focusing on profiling 100 Toronto youth artists including visual artists, dancers, poets, fashion designers, skaters, bmxers, and more. The campaign played to the short attention span by compiling 15 second (or shorter) videos showcasing each individuals talent. 92 more words



Preorders are being accepted at Tincture Journal for issue number seven which will be released 9/1. For those of you who are writers and those of you who read a fair amount this is a good deal. 29 more words

Nagel, Sisyphus and Duffy

“Absurdity comes with the territory,

and what we need is the will to put up with it.”


(Nagel, T., The View From Nowhere; (Oxford University Press Inc., 1986)) 71 more words

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