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I want to kiss the Dawn, for all the love and damn luck she brings, and serenade to the Moon, for the serene solace he sings, beautifully alone, that is a feeling a son of Gemini can never own, 63 more words



It’s all relative around here. Once you land, figure out the power outlets, find a cute little Persian rug knockoff at the grocery store and get a load of the valet service and your first paycheck, you sink deeper and the place just starts wrapping its tentacles around you. 417 more words



Skinny lace lost

This must be the place

We took a look together

And a mirror looked back

He was commenting

But we were deaf… 124 more words


You Know You Never Know but I Know You Do

So many people like to say “you never know”

Really? Never?

Somebody must know something–I mean how the hell else did we get here?

Today I realized that there is this massive matrix… 279 more words


why we love things we don't understand

This is your fault. 

You are the reason why everything I see becomes a dark, desolate shape of nothingness, 
mainly because everything I see reminds me of what could have been us.  339 more words


If the great olive tree got plucked, every continent would lift and crack into dusty fragments.

Today, so many of its bloody branches beg for rain. 507 more words



Buti pa sa panaginip nagkaka-usap tayo.

Pero sa totoo, dedmahan lang ang drama mo.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit para akong alikabok sa iyong paningin. 103 more words