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Abortion At Prom; Suicide At Mom's

Wake up happy
Not so sappy
Fix those eyes on the sky
Your dreams fly just as high
Promise me you’ll never let go
Or free yourself from the show… 75 more words



Decisions back in school were based on raw excitement
That at the end of the day, meant truly nothing
Now that we are held here… 128 more words


Two Arrivals, One Fool

You shine that prudent whisper of a smirk
Whenever given the chance to spark one’s subconscious
Once I was deep in the delusion; her own dope to dupe… 48 more words


Two Heartbreaks, One Destroyer

I’m currently mourning any further contact
With my lunar lush majesty; she called me friend
The fellowship we’ve shared is something I can’t contrast
I must now sway from the suffering and admit it’s the end… 48 more words


A letter to my Serpent Lover [01:10]

One by one you lifted the fragments of what used to be the garment of my heart.

you licked, the valleys of my ache

you healed, the wayward streams of my oceans breeze… 106 more words


MY Reality–PT. II

My Realty – Part 1

My world is woven from a desire to create a reality.

Silken threads intertwine and twist in the moisture laden air, 2,012 more words



The glow of your life,

worm of a thought.

Memories throw heat,

Greatly revered,

Never caught.

Flashing wild eye,

Filled with square mirror.

Awkward hand gesture. 7 more words