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They show off their beauty.

Show off what they got.

Open up and let the world see.

Creations by their God.


Strapless, mini skirts all that they wear. 67 more words


A Gift

Your love is timeless
Feels like I’m floating in the Dead Sea.
I can’t explain it in words that would do it justice, or compliment its presence in the present, a gift from the universe, your love is a present. 25 more words


My Name

I can hear a liar.

I can hear it in the undertone of your words.

When you say and speak of stories of how sad and sorry you are to be alone. 172 more words

Moon Flower Letters


This is about working at Bedford Camera when I was a lab technician. I quite because I had contact dermatitis from the chemicals,meaning my skin sloughs off when exposed to corrosive materials too long… 2004. 131 more words


Pointless Violence

Published in the 1997 Central High School labyrinth

A step in the dark

gray smoke wafting in the heated air

A bang

A cry

anger and blood… 85 more words


Thank you

Hello all, I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you for reading my blogs, following, liking, recommending me, and taking the time to comment. 60 more words


Kill Awake - old poems 2008 ii

Why do they say “fall asleep”?
Why don’t they say “Kill awake”?
Sounds easier
Same number of syllables
What’s the difference?
Perhaps they’re afraid

I don’t remember my dreams… 87 more words