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In your arms

In that moment,
your hands spinning
me around the dance floor,
I fell in love again (and again)
for I never stopped.
Your nose against my forehead… 49 more words

Personal Writing

This is my unbecoming

There hasn’t been a thought
Crawling in my head
Burrowing out
I can’t even find a doubt
I can’t seem to yell
I carved meaning… 135 more words


Goodnight & Sweet Dreams

Wherever you are
No matter what part of globe
I’m praying for you

And your family
I pray we all have success
Good night and sweet dreams



Deer rest on the hill.

True vegans eating supper 

before the rain falls.



Hold fast to dreams 

For if dreams die 

Life is a broken-winged bird 

That cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams 

For when dreams go 

Life is a barren field 

7 more words

at the bridge

at the bridge

You can see both side

Light and dark

What would you choose

but, they have a beautiful in different way

light never came without dark… 29 more words


The Walmart nation

the humans and shopping carts
those blood cells
rolling chaotically in the veins
of this endless labyrinth of the isles
pushed by the machine heart… 113 more words