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Who am I?

Who am I?
I’m a mess, weighed down by thoughts
Dwelling on things long past
And things yet to come
I’m fearful and anxious
I’m tired and weary… 26 more words

True Story

Cursed by Tom Jones, a poem to dance

Cursed by Tom Jones

I own freedom as a captive of the lost
so to laugh I touch what is forbidden.
Slavers of tradition don’t own me—
117 more words

About My Novels

Hair pt. 3

splitting hairs,
petty distinctions
pretty dispositions
this is your logic?
it’s semantics.
i’m a woman.
you love me.
i light up every room
and move mountains… 6 more words


Memory of you

Beauty, lingers in my heart

Long after you leave

- FlorenceT

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.



You have the smell
of rotting onions and the
old soup of escargot
sold on street corners
in a Moroccan ghetto
wind blown trash.


The Bus Stop Part ii


A flash of red as it passes by

Not even aware of where I am


The sudden gush of wind rousing me from my daydream… 157 more words



Darkness, a velvety blanket
Silent and ominous
Punctuated by cicadas and crickets

Slumbering were the boisterous
Birds and monkeys
Curled up in dreams wondrous

Absent was the buzzing of bees… 467 more words