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All I Wanna Say....

Thunder and lighting can’t stop the chemistry between your hands around my waist. My face against the wall, you whispered if I can be yours. The chills takes over my body. 166 more words


Ode to Mahogany

Dark mahogany
A resilient speckle

Whirlpool of curiosity
Honestly genuine

Adorned with intensity
Deep spectacles

Beam your warmth unto me
Dark mahogany


Writers Block

Bloody writers block, it hits you at the worst of times.
I was really flowing with my novel and then I wrote just the one sentence that I hated. 239 more words


Verse-virtual created a beautiful ekphrastic themed page of my work in the September issue...

You can view two of my poems with the art from which they were inspired here: Verse-Virtual: Trish Hopkinson

Please also take some time to peruse the other incredible writers featured in this month’s edition.



the purpose of life
agree to disagree.
fragments, incomplete.
a fraction of what we’d thought

years of mistakes,
to get to this point, pivotal. 101 more words


The Crystal Forest of Calay

Dreaming as I sleep,
my minds at rest I think.
I can hear not a peep.
as thoughts leave, I sink,
into darkness,
All around. 337 more words


Limerick for 1st September 2014

There is an old man from Totton

Whose poetry is all but forgotten

Those haikus he writ

Some of them aren’t too bad

But, the rest of his work is just rotten.