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Unix Plush - Snake

Generations of computer users have enjoyed the classic text-based games from BSD Games – a set of games from Berkeley Software Distribution, a Unix operating system in which the package debuted. 330 more words


SkiFree Plush - Abominable Snowman

Anyone who has played the classic computer game, SkiFree, will definitely remember the dreaded Abominable Snowman, who would run along and eat you after you had spent too long on the slopes. 180 more words


Reopened my etsy store

I reopened my etsy store. I was getting a lot of requests for items and it would be nice to get a little extra income. So, all my plush dolls and most of my Perler projects are for sale again. 23 more words

Perler Projects

Lemmings Plush - Max

I recently learned that shirts, coats, and (when slightly modified to improve the fit) hats intended for 15″ teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop and compatible brands happen to fit my plush lemmings, in a typically lemmingesque slightly baggy-looking fashion, as can be seen in some of the series’ older artwork. 152 more words


Commission - Lex the lemming

My latest plush project, which is also my latest commissioned piece, has been completed.

This lemming has been named Lex by his owner, and he’s the first lemming that I’ve made to order. 121 more words