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Travel Ahead.

Have to cross the borders

 to travel in order

 to see my children 

who live in different regions.

The joy of visiting them

 turns into glum… 78 more words

Good Morning Graduate School

I should be asleep. I will be asleep. Soon I shall sleep, but my first class is in 13 hours.

My first class in a year and a half. 212 more words

Cdukulele's Life.

Parental Approval

Sometimes a giant slap in the face comes from the people who are supposed to support you the most. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried getting my parents approval. 591 more words


School is here. September is here. Now onto the nice clothes.

This month is starting to become one mother-effer of a month. It hasn’t officially began and all these issues have arise. I’m really irritated and just fed up that I can’t get a break with my life troubles. 119 more words

How To Use Triple Bunk Bed Plans

You can learn how to use triple bunk bed plans below here to make a great bunk bed ever. Since you know, bunk beds are a great way to save floor space in a small living space. 31 more words


It's time to move on, time to get going... What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing

You ever get to the point where you think to yourself “life is not worth living if it’s going to continue on like this”? No that’s not meant to come off suicidal, but sometimes it just gets to the point where you tell yourself “no more screwing around…. 981 more words

Forefeather is back in the building

It was a long summer.

A quality one, and a necessary one.

I can’t say I didn’t miss the rest of the world a little bit though. 109 more words

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