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Duccini's Pizza

Saturday night was fantastic. I got drunk and pissed like a dragon. But that’s not what was fantastic. Actually, I kind of regret that, because later, I rode with JC in the middle of the night to get some mouth-watering pizza in DC. 315 more words


Military Baked Pizzza that Last Years

Food scientist told the Associated Press that they had developed a  pizza that can be eaten in 3 years will soon become a soldier’s ration. Michelle Richardson from the U.S. 153 more words

Spizza Review

This is our 1st visit to Spizza, an Italian Pizza chain in Singapore. What I like about the place is its homely ambience when I first stepped in. 196 more words


meatless monday: caprese pizza with Brussels sprouts slaw topping

Happy Labor Day, y’all. It was a nice day of partying and racing– the type of day that needs Pizza. We both got the hankering for Pizza while hanging in the pool today, so I decided to do something quick, easy and delicious for meatless monday instead of dialing up the local joints (which were likely resting anyway). 321 more words

Meatless Monday

What is really important?

“Abs taste better than pizza”

“Skip dinner wake up thinner”

“Eating isn’t very Chanel”

These are only a few hashtags I’ve seen on social media that actually make me nauseous and sad. 469 more words


The Story About "A Pizza Story"

It’s been quite some time since our last blog post, so we thought we’d take a moment to tell you about a new restaurant that opened a few months ago in Maplewood. 369 more words