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Live in the Shade

…I apologize deeply for the quality of this joke. 6 more words

What We Are, and What We Think We Are.



Sometimes, I’m like… who are we kidding ourselves?

I was reflecting the other day on the difference between what we think we are, and what we actually are. 587 more words

Baby sensory

Baby M loved her bowl of shiny things, a mirror, a CD, some Christmas decorations and a torch. She loved shaking the bowl, eating the torch, and looking at her reflection (inherited from me, I’m afraid). 62 more words

About My Tattoo

I’d love to say that I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos – but it wouldn’t be true. Maybe out of fear of something permanent staying on my skin, maybe due to my traditional upbringing, as a kid, I stated that never in my life would I get one. 284 more words


100 Word Challenge (Day #5)

She managed to follow him all the way down the stairs and into the common area of the bar. Whistles and hoots came from the patrons that were already there getting an early drink as they took in the scene playing out before them. 56 more words


Dreams (2nd Sept 2014) Gaming Dream.

The Dream I had last night was weird but normal for me. The first thing I remember of it was me and a few friends of mine were robbing a house for loot and we was discussing that if we died that we wouldn’t steal each others gold and silver jewelry we had in small pouches attached to our belts and we looked like typical pirates. 131 more words