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Hospital Diaries Continued

Same disclaimer: may include some gross details, but again you’re reading my blog about going through breast cancer… Also I had a mixed experience of being in the hospital and dealing with the chaos of all the personnel that you interact with and change over. 3,599 more words

Breast Cancer

Purple Prosed Pirate

It’s not my timbers that were shivering
nor my plank that was quivering
I’m the soft one now
from too much shore leave
I’ve been lost, and how! 169 more words


September ~ Notable Days

I’ve  started this little gallery widget on my sidebar.

I’m adding small pictures / text that highlight the various awareness days.  Since WordPress (and my wee little blog) has international followers I’m trying to focus on “world awareness” days. 156 more words


100 Word Challenge (Day #2)

“Hey, luv,” came a sleep filled soft feminine voice, “you ready for another go?”

Running his fingers through his long hair, he pushed his bangs back on his forehead, and shook his head as if the mere movement would wipe away the fog in his brain. 53 more words



I can’t get rid of this traveling theme! Here’s a quote-for-the-day…although I might have taken it slightly out of context. 8 more words

Buccaneer Jones

We had a rather lengthy meeting this week which required no input on my part, so I started to doodle.  I honestly couldn’t think what to start with, but one of the sketch_dailies topics was “buccaneer” so this is what happened.  42 more words