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Where No One Has Gone Before...

The pioneering spirit is a rare quality in the world today. Leaders are often intimidated by the idea of going where no one has gone before.  165 more words


Blériot XI: Eponymous…almost (II).

Lovely poster of the 1909 historic Doncaster Air Races. Obvious presence of the XI here; Louis Blériot’s historic Channel Crossing that year put this seminal monoplane in the collective consciousness. 32 more words

Viettronics Tân Bình phân phối độc quyền sản phẩm Pioneer

Ngày 26/03/2014, Công ty Cổ phần Viettronics Tân Bình và Công ty Pioneer chính thức ký Thỏa thuận phân phối các sản phẩm điện tử mang thương hiệu Pioneer tại Việt Nam. 316 more words

Hi-End Việt Nam

Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS Digital DJ Turntable

Save $ 1 order now Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS Digital DJ Turntable at Home Stereo Systems store. Daily reviews and find best sound systems ratings for stereo receivers, turntables, tape decks, tuners, CD players… 18 more words

Recorduri în spațiu (8)

Pioneer 10 este prima sondă care a traversat centura de asteroizi, în perioada 15 iulie 1972 – 15 februarie 1973. Lansată pe 3 martie 1962, Pioneer 10 a fost, de asemenea, prima care a efectuat un flyby al planetei Jupiter și prima care a atins viteza necesară pentru a urma o traiectorie de ieșire din Sistemul Solar. 160 more words


A Celtic Cross for Father Serra?

A Celtic cross, 12 feet high, carved in granite, marks the location of Father Junipero Serra’s first landing in Northern California. Irish immigrant and mining/banking tycoon Jim Murray donated the cross in 1905. 1,283 more words

Starlight at the Old Corral

The Milky Way shines behind the rustic corral of the 76 Ranch in Grasslands National Park.

It’s not a gunfight at the OK Corral, but starlight at the 76 Ranch Corral. 253 more words

Alan Dyer