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(Long weekend means going out of town to visit family. I’m attempting to queue something up but this may be my last post of the week. 848 more words


One-Liner Wednesday -- Talk amongst yourselves.

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “One-Liner Wednesday.”  Sorry it’s a bit late. My schedule has been crazy this week! Just a little something from Pinterest… (No wifi here…talk amongst yourselves!)

One-liner Wednesday

The $5 Ikea Very Pinteresting Brush Holder

I’ve seen similar solutions for brush holding on the internet before and I’m sure Pinterest is just overflowing with pins telling you how to do the same thing BUT this is an especially adorable one you can make with only $5 and an accessible Ikea. 152 more words

Pinterest Guilt

I wonder how many other moms out there feel like I do–insanely guilty because we have a ton of crap saved on Pinterest to every imaginable category that is supposed to make our kid’s childhood even better, but we rarely (if ever) do any of it. 250 more words



I have been trying in vain to add a Pinterest profile widget somewhere, somehow, but I am convinced it either cannot be done or I am even more computer illiterate than I’ve previously allowed myself to admit. 73 more words


Happy Birthday 'Merica!

Happy 4th of July!

Check out this pinteresting post from Memorial Day for some fun patriotic inspiration!

You can follow my Patriotic Holidays board for more inspiration.   228 more words