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Playing the Piano Angklung
Oleh: Rusamesame

This boy plays this piano beautifully and with feelings. Amazing sound and music from this innovative piano kind. http://ift.tt/1sUnvHq

New Music week 2: O WALY WALY

The second newly composed hymn setting of my “52 in 52″ challenge is O WALY WALY, Though I May Speak (The Gift of Love) 57 more words


The lady in number 6 (2013)

他得了奧斯卡最佳紀錄片短片,主要是在描述主角 Alice Herz-Sommer,一位從二次世界大戰中最老的生還者的故事。 17 more words

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Angel in Redshift

Composed and recorded the evening of May 12, 2013. Each of its two movements is a brief exploration of descending chords of stacked fourths, within the keys of E major and G-flat major respectively. 53 more words


Downtown Pensacola @ midnight is sketch

Having been rejected to getting into the frat party of the night because I stupidly forgot a brother’s last name, the girls and I decided to drive the 30 minutes downtown so I could find some pretty lights to take pictures… Lame right? 228 more words


Hotarubi / 蛍火

Hotarubi / 蛍火: “glow of fireflies”

hotaru / 蛍 “firefly” hi / 火 “fire”. Pronounced “bi” / び because of rendaku.

“Hotarubi” is track 10 on Oku Hanako’s 2009 album “BIRTHDAY”. 263 more words

Oku Hanako


This little piece is inspired by Kristina Vyskocil. Not only is she an excellent academic writer and a budding blogger, she can also play the piano. 44 more words