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Raspberry Pi Model B+ 3.5mm Audio/Video Jack

The Model B+ features a new 3.5mm audio jack which also includes the composite video signal. This has allowed for the removal of the composite video socket found on the Model B. 289 more words

Raspberry Pi

More - Portals 9.1-8-11 and 9.2-3

A cluster of Herkimer Diamonds disguised as a Dragon.  A Herkimer Diamond is a Quartz Crystal that formed in solution, without a point of attachment to the walls of the cavity it formed in, so it’s a Crystal that’s complete on all sides.  726 more words


Types of Numbers Part 4 - Irrational Numbers

Famous constants such as , the Golden Ratio, Euler’s Number are all irrational numbers. These numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction,as a result all… 235 more words


Trying to resurrect a dead Linksys WRT54GS router

I recently went through heroic efforts to bring a dead Linksys WRT54GS router back to life. These routers are great for Broadband Hamnet so I really wanted to get it working, but no dice. 658 more words


Shine shines light on the profitability of legal services

With an EDITDA margin of 44%, Quindell (LON:QPP) continues to outperform its competitors and is delivering a far higher EBITDA percentage margin than its peers. This is due to the scale of its business and the bias within its outsourcing to legal services. 706 more words


EmguCV on the Raspberry Pi with Mono

These are my notes on getting OpenCV working on the raspberry pi with mono. In order to use OpenCV with C#, we will use EmguCV… 1,047 more words

Who fears from the competition? RPi Foundation pressed Broadcom to stop selling BCM2835 to competing projects.

On July 29th I blogged about the Raspberry Pi Clones which now exist and the new Odroid project which actually makes better hack friendly module based on BCM2835 including better power supply, LiPo battery support etc features. 126 more words