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Trying A New Thing | Illustrations

I don’t know exactly how it has been happening, or why, but I don’t care that much anymore of what people think. I still have my insecurities and times when people’s opinions seem like the most important thing, but not as before. 509 more words

Del's Different Race Meme

I got this idea from a Legend of Zelda meme that’s floating around. Rather than draw Del in different drawing styles I drew her as different races. 139 more words


How NOT to Photoshop

I went to Blossom Music Center again last weekend for the end of their Summer Festival. ┬áIt was a family pops concert, featuring fun things such as “Let It Go!” from… 193 more words

General Nerdiness

Photoshop Homework

This is the image before manipulation:

This is after:

Computer Animation

Week 2 - Delve into past dreams.

So I was browsing around my computer, searching my sketchbooks for something or anything I could post for today’s post.

Behold some pretty old art and photoshop work I did back at the tail end of high school. 238 more words

Day 15

Today I was working on lesson 10 on Photoshop CC One-on One I didn’t finish but i will continue tomorrow. I worked on the face of the girl by using the spot healing tool and the healing tool. 8 more words