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starlings. in sun glow. saw........

pigeon. in the sky. trying to impress.
Gill McGrath.tonight Sept2 Press both pics for detail


Exercise: Managing Tone

For this exercise, choose an image that needs some adjustments. Use a processing software of your choice.

Depending on whether or not you shoot RAW or JPEG, there are two procedures. 135 more words


Project: Optimising Tone and Colour

This is an important project, as the way in which you process your images has considerable impact on their quality, and ALWAYS needs attention. The word ‘Optimising’ is used to describe basic adjustments (Usually quite small), tone and colour, that are considered standard by most people. 232 more words


Exercise: RAW

The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the processing advantages of RAW, but at the same time, to put these advantages in perspective. Higher image quality from raw is often over-praised. 149 more words


Flight of the Phoenix tonight

Volatus avium aurei.
The pigeon pair
Were turning gold
Gill McGrath© September 1 7.45pm


First Wagyu X 2014

Close to the house, we’ve been checking the first-calf heifers daily as they get closer to calving. Typically, we don’t have much trouble because the Wagyu X come small, but there is always some drama, especially with the very first calves. 465 more words