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British corporate involvement in US drone assassinations

This video from Britain is called Cable collaborator BT accused of aiding US drone strikes.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Reprieve: Reopen BT ‘drone strikes’

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This is about right from BT, this company are very very unethical !!!

They rip off their customers whenever they can. They prey on elderly people and don't explain their products. I remember that my mum was told a 100 gig download limit was ok for her, when she went over they changed her £ 25-40 a month, she asked if it could be made cheaper and they told her she could not change (as she did not understand how download limits work). I called and asked unlimited and she saved £50 a month.

So to hear they are involved in this sort of crime does not surprise me in the slightest. They have the monopoly in the UK, this needs to be stopped. We have not other option in the UK for your phone line connection, then they charge through the roof for it, IT WRONG!

BT must be challenged for this and hopefully justice will be brought to them!

Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line

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This post was written mostly off-line and discusses 2 separate events approximately 3 weeks apart~

 I have no home internet access as I type this. Today so far I’ve missed out on learning how to keep avocados from ripening too quickly, finding out what Seals and Crofts look(ed) like, downloading a template for jumping jacks, as well as the usual things I look up on a regular basis like email, on-line newspapers, and the weather. 780 more words

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