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Plugged In?

We say, “call me if you need me”

But we never get the call

FB, Instagram & Twitter have replaced

Hearing words at all.


We’ve become a world of wondering, 93 more words


Breyer's ice cream in the BLACK box is on sale! / Mike wanting to see me in public

Yesterday, I found out that Breyer’s ice cream in the BLACK box is on sale at Price Smart for $4 a box, so of course I’m going to have to get some! 165 more words

Phone Calls

A Wake-Up Call

  No more calls from J. C. since the one last Friday. Anonymous commented on that -
“It’s all over Facebook. Tons of people are getting this call!” 356 more words


Hold Music

“Not going anywhere for awhile?” I love that Snickers commercial.
I was placed on “hold”….and after the canned commercial with techno-industrial music repeated the 3rd time I hung up. 140 more words

Phone phobia

I hate phones . . . . well I hate phone calls. I panic when the phone rings and when I have to make a call. 362 more words


Do you have a minute?

I’ve never been one who LOVES talking on the phone. I know, that’s crazy coming from a woman. But, recently it has come to my attention that I don’t answer my phone as often as I should. 526 more words



Today feels like one of those days where you just think about how life is.

I’m actually very hopeful considering things are all unorganized. 

One of my favorite things to do now is study math and languages….and also reading/writing. 149 more words