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Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

On Groundhog Day, and the holiday’s humble headquarters:

I think we all know that the holiday is not really about the weather, though Punxsutawney’s town square proudly proclaims itself “The Weather Capital of the World.” Would sunshine on February 2nd really mean six more weeks of winter? 296 more words

Labour Day recs

Another smattering of this-and-that for this week’s recs.

Affinity by astrolat is an explicit Steve/Sam CATWS AU, wherein Steve meets Sam via an online matchmaking service, just before the various events of the movie take off. 197 more words

Sometimes I Beat Myself Up for Sport

Depression is probably more commonly battled than Pokemon by young male gamers on a daily basis. And it is really interesting how much we brush over and ignore to feed it. 2,258 more words

Frothing At The Mouth

Phil 8.29.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR


Phil 8.28.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Change the “status” algorithm to reflect only the previous month’s PM Actuals.
  • DB Backups
  • Deployed new FR, FA, RA
  • Finished documenting RecordsetPanel and FundingRequestGlobals.
  • 14 more words

Jilted Pennsylvania groom donates reception to charity

PITTSBURGH, PA (WTAE/CNN) – What do you do if your wedding engagement simply falls apart? Do you cry, turn to despair, or retreat?

If you ask this Pennsylvania groom, the answer is none of the above. 299 more words


Phil 8.27.14

8:00 – 6:00 SR

  • Deployed new FR, FA, RA
  • DB Backups
  • Paperwork success!
  • Discussed pulling FR data into FA for creating projects – will need to create a bunch of projects.
  • 36 more words