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black or white

I am one of those people who has major issues in understanding the grey in things, people and situations. I swing in extremes and I understand extremes…i don’t believe in the word ‘maybe’. 226 more words


The Game of Graduate School, Part Two

All of the orientations and pontificating over the beginning of the PhD program are over, the first week has officially happened. Like any beginning of the semester in graduate school, the first week hit me like a semi, but that wasn’t unusual. 669 more words


Joint forces

Last week was crazy. This week started with a crash.

It seems I've somehow lost the ability to keep more than one thought at once and completely given up planning my days. 120 more words

PhD Furby

New Developments in Cognitive Therapy: September Metro Chapter Meeting

NYAMFT Metro Chapter Meeting

Friday September 19th @ 8:30am-10:30am
244 E. 58th Street NYC

New Developments in Cognitive Therapy: David Burns’ T.E.A.M. Therapy

David Burns, author of Feeling Good, and one of the original pioneers of Cognitive Therapy, has in recent years developed an approach called T.E.A.M. 183 more words

Chapter Meeting Presentations/ Trainings

USA student visa. Step by Step

এই লেখাটি তাদের জন্য,যারা USAর বিভিন্ন বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে মাস্টার্স/পিএইচডিতে অ্যাডমিশন পেয়েছেন এবং এখন F-1 ভিসার জন্য অপেক্ষা করছেন ।

Step-1 : Getting I-20

অ্যাডমিশন ও অফার লেটার পাওয়ার পর ইউনিভার্সিটি থেকে আপনাকে একটা মেইল পাঠাবে, I-20 র জন্য প্রয়োজনীয় ডকুমেন্ট চেয়ে।সেগুলো স্ক্যান করে পাঠানোর পর ফিরতি মেইলে আডমিশন অফিসার আপনাকে দুটি অপশন দেবে I-20 শিপমেন্টের জন্য ঃ 184 more words


My First Day @ HKUST

Today was the first day of term, so whilst it wasn’t technically my first day at HKUST, it was the first official day.

There are so many things I have noticed about HKUST that differs to Universities in the UK (Or more specifically Cardiff Uni). 844 more words


Start of the new academic year!

Dear Diary,

the new academic year officially starts today. I am back to work now and spent the day going through e-mails and taking care of some paperworks to prepare my request for approval from the ethics committee so I can run my experiment as soon as possible. 203 more words

Daily Life