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Petition for Social Media and Electronic Communications for Dearborn Heights...

The citizen petition for social media and electronic communication was sent to the Dearborn Heights City Clerk’s office Today before noon. It should be on the September 9th agenda. 56 more words

Dearborn Heights City

[Petition] Benigno Aquino III Sign and Ratify the International Convention on Enforced Disappearance -AFAD

Pinepetisyon si Benigno Aquino III
Sign and Ratify the International Convention on Enforced Disappearance

Enforced disappearance is a crime involving secret abduction and/or imprisonment that violates a number of a person’s basic rights such as the the right to security and dignity, right to fair trial, right not to be tortured, right to truth, right to family life, and when the disappeared is killed, the right to identification and proper burial or cremation. 163 more words

Human Rights

Chinese man petition’s WHO to ban ‘gay conversion’ therapies

China: A man who sued a clinic in China for carrying out “gay cures” is petitioning the World Health Organization to condemn and ban “gay conversion” therapies worldwide. 399 more words

China (People's Republic Of China)

Put Mental Health on the National Curriculum

School teaches us many things, Maths, English, Science, Religion I could go on. And now it is time for students to learn something which they will never forget, something which can help eradicate ignorance and judgement, where to go and who to go to if they’re (or someone they know) is in emotional pain and that is mental health awareness. 34 more words

Mental Health

More than 190 Actors Sign Letter to Support Israel

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Let’s  reverse the intent of this petition.

Here’s a list of actors the world should boycott because they are backing a terrorist state that commits crimes against humanity. 553 more words


Reunite Ashya with his parents! Please sign and share

Ashya is a young boy with stage four cancer. His parents Brett and Naghemeh are being held under arrest in Spain unable to care for Ashya or give him treatment. 18 more words