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The children were back from the dead...

… revengeful and lusting for blood.

From their graves they crawled up like zombies, covered in mud

Picture Book

Really, girls?

Our group of five girls is, well, chewy. We suspect Ragweed is the biggest chewer, but really they all have a go. Their litter tray is being rapidly eroded. 36 more words

Pet Rats

It's not just us...

Sometimes it seems we’re biased – our rats are lovely, of course. Perfect (almost). It’s nice to have someone else tell you just how lovely. 72 more words

Pet Rats

Birthdays come twice a year

The boys have been sick and they still are, but at the moment, it seems to be levelling out. They are not better, but better than they were a little while ago. 166 more words


Ratlets: MJ

MJ is one of the ratties with socks, or almost: The left hand sock goes up to the elbow, but the right hand only has a glove over the knuckles. 40 more words

Pet Rats

We have rats!

Sometimes people ask someone to look after their pets for a while (a maximum of two weeks, to be precise) and then drop off the face of the Earth. 991 more words


24 days old

It feels as if I’m constantly pouring food into the nursery cage; both mums and babies are hungry all the time. The kittens are beginning to eat much more of the dry mix, but Xia and Xara are still grateful for the soft mix as they can eat it quickly, often eating and nursing at the same time. 221 more words