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After the Television is Turned Off, a Unique Way to Educate


After my eldest, my second child too, is graduating from NTU this year.  Since when they were younger, we never had cable television, other than the newscasts and a few cartoons, there are rarely any chances they’d sat down in front of the television. 408 more words


Observations from the beach...

Awhile ago, I watched some boys spending hours creating a sand castle complex that was unbelievable. The towers of the castle were made with great detail. 366 more words


A New Perspective

Last weekend I rode the Ducks in Branson, Missouri. For those of you who are familiar with Branson, the Duck Tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions there. 420 more words


Why War is Necessary (On The ISIS Crisis and Kurdistan) - Part 3

The Hopeful

Thankfully things haven’t just been looking bleak. There have been some steps in the correct direction:

1) ISIS ousted from Mosul Dam: The dam, the largest in Iraq, fell to ISIS as Mosul did, handing the extremists a huge trump card. 1,075 more words

That One Dance

Dancing on her tip toes

She lets happiness out

She waltzes to her own tunes

As the melody she speaks loud

She turns and turns… 212 more words

A Shade Of Pen

Why War is Necessary (On The ISIS Crisis and Kurdistan) - Part 2

Clambering Out of Quicksand

Despite the potential pitfalls, Obama still needs to act more decisively. Here’s why.

The humanitarian crisis involved is too great. So far, the Kurds have been utterly battered despite the valiant self-sacrificial efforts by the… 789 more words

Canadian News Refutes and Reframes Anti-Israel Protests

An anchor on a Canadian news channel robustly refutes and reframes anti-Israel protests occurring in Canada:  “As Israel continues defending itself from terrorist fire, a couple of things have become clear; the world is very selective about the bloodshed it gets behind.” 207 more words