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#36 Learning to Say No [VIDEO] #GO! #GOZO!



Do you have a hard time saying no? How can you learn to say no to a bad relationship, to overcommitting, to the wrong job? 162 more words


Andy Andrews Quote.

Andrews, A. (2009). The noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective. Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson.


Friendly Fridays

Too often, wantrepreneurs become stuck on their thoughts and ideas that have so much potential because it isn’t “perfect.” What they don’t realize is that perfection can only be created if it is turned into actions. 729 more words

Trust In Allah`s Timing

We need to trust Allah. He knows what is best for us. His Wisdom is infinite. Our minds can`t understand the wisdom behind His Decisions. He knows what He is doing. 109 more words


Get Over Him / Her !!! Post - Relationship advice (not really)

You’ve been through it.  I’ve been through it.  There’s always some relationships that don’t work out, and it takes you forever to move on.  No worries, it’s only normal.  290 more words

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Day 130: Perceptions Influenced From Past Relationships

I can’t believe how paranoid I have become of people’s intentions! No longer do I accept a person’s actions at face value.

My college son is helping his girlfriend look for an apartment. 209 more words


Beyond Borders: perspective, empathy, and the refugee experience

In planning the implementation of the new NSW English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum last year, our faculty program writing team decided that we needed a unit for Year 9 with a focus on the concept of “perspective”, particularly to develop our students’ sense of empathy. 1,189 more words

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