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It’s here and I can’t believe it! It’s September! :O I’m leaving on Thursday and it feels so surreal. I’m actually surprisingly calm, but I know that this will most likely change soon. 207 more words

Personal Thoughts

Coming through the Foghat

My heart is troubled tonight.

I’m not going to go into graphic detail, but my 14 year old son is causing me some heartache that I’m not entirely sure how to deal with. 186 more words

Personal Thoughts

The curriculum as a learning space?

The curriculum has great scope to be a collaborative and cooperative learning space for many reasons. The greatest advantage of the curriculum is it is easily available at any given time. 150 more words

Learning Spaces

Thank god for Youtube

I’m not exactly a betting woman, but I was betting on ‘Today’ could be ‘OK’ or at least no reminiscing on a large scale. Instead strait out of the gates, the horse I bet on that is ‘Today’ trips over its feet.  542 more words

Personal Thoughts

A Eulogy for the Kindest 'Promdi' TorMENTOR

My plan for today is to write a book review for a novel that I have recently finished. I was about to start when I opened my Facebook just to check what’s new. 1,074 more words

Dino Balabo

One year later...

Well, it appears that I started this blog just over a year ago and I have yet to fully utilize it.  While I haven’t posted much, I try to post when I can.  82 more words

Personal Thoughts

It's Just a Numbers Game

The ALSA’s Bucket challenge has taken the internet and country by storm and has become one of the most successful online fundraising campaigns to date. When an organization has huge success like this there comes more scrutiny. 481 more words