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Why I Run.

I’m a runner. It’s taken me a year to be able to write that sentence. I have run off and on for years. I tried the Couch to 5K program, everything, but I just couldn’t get into it. 358 more words

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The Web is getting Meaner

I am a sweet woman–a grandmother, even. I write a blog to share stuff I know with readers who may not have as much time to research stuff as I do.  761 more words

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So, I discovered that my email service at work has a “recall” feature.

Yup. That’s right. If you accidentally hit the “send” button on that scathing ream-out email that you’ve composed to your boss, you can recall it. 131 more words

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Healthy Food

Fun fact! People will enjoy death faster than ever. Up to recent trends, people have the tendency to consume glorious tasty dish, which probably has plenty of calories intake. 195 more words


Vicky Beeching, the Bible, and God

Joining Ray Boltz and Jennifer Knapp, Vicky Beeching is the latest Christian music artist that has come out as gay. Her story starts in childhood, 12-years-old and fighting feelings for other girls. 869 more words

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The Crazies

My first experience of public craziness towards myself happened the other day.  I was shopping with my sister, well, window shopping because lets face it, there are a lot of lovely maternity clothes out there, but not in my shopping centre and not in my price range, but still, I was enjoying the company and the stroll. 420 more words


Late To Rise, Sleepyhead

Woke up pretty late today, barely an hour left to lunch actually.  Apparently my sister did too, but in her case I had to rouse her from bed so all of us could eat lunch together. 95 more words

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