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Where are We Going?

There is no right path. There is no right destination. There are an infinite number of possible destinations, and even more paths to get there. (I know that’s not possible, but you know what I mean.) Each destination is equally valid, and each choice I make takes me in the direction of one or another. 295 more words


Three Satanic questions

In my view the personal path the individual Satanist walks starts with the foundation of asking three simple questions:

Who am I?

As a Satanist I answer that I am my own god in my own life, I manifest my will to be the god in my own life. 69 more words


Metaphysics of a NDE ~ 2~ Rescue

Why some people go to hell/lower astral, when others do not?

How can a soul get out of this painful experience?

In the following videos, we continue with the help of Scott Mandelker, PhD and Mr Howard Storm to explore the metaphysics of a Near-Dear experience. 70 more words


PBP: P is for Pagan Veiling

I’ve been asked to cover my hair.

I’ve read posts about Pagans who veil before, and found it interesting but didn’t feel like covering was something I should do.   568 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Paludal Dilemma - Real World Ethics

I was listening to an episode of the Radiolab podcast this week called “For the Birds”, and was struck by the story they told.   In short (from their website): 616 more words

Pagan Blog Project

New Video: Ramadan Reflections

Good day lovely readers! Finally, after a long hiatus from making videos, I’ve published my first video. This video is along the lines of my last post, Ramadan Reflections: Personal Potential. 70 more words