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The most difficult things to face in life are the things you do not like about yourself.  Not your ears, legs, hair or those habits and abilities you feel are not up to par.  

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Quote ~ Cheryl Strayed

“It had nothing to do with gear or footwear or the backpacking fads or philosophies of any particular era or even with getting from point A to point B.

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So How Am I Doing On Chemo?

The truth is, I feel like bleep, bleep, bleepedy, bleep. I sailed through the surgery, happy little bi-lateral mastectomy patient, wowing everyone with my positive attitude, minimal pain, no drugs and lots of comments like ‘you’re only two weeks out, you look amazing’. 327 more words

Books that have most Effected my life

There was a ‘Facebook’ game going around that had you list the 10 books that have effected your life the most.  As I listed my ten books, I found myself wanting to include books that I could not as I have people on my friends list that would never understand the heathen, polyamorous, submissive that I am.  1,026 more words

Personal Growth

Don't Bow Out, You Ninny!

This weekend, I signed up to attend a writing intensive with Benjamin Law, and though I could not think of a more perfect workshop to attend, every part of me wants to bow out and bail. 367 more words

Early 20s

Finding Mercy On The Backside of Shame

When was the last time you flew off of the handle and snapped (hard) at someone for no apparent reason?

Well, for me it was last week! 937 more words


The great empty mind



You can listen and have the Hurshim (虛心) as yours.  You never fall in love with your personalized small mind, because it is ridiculously dangerous to you and others. 21 more words