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As a trainee... again!

“The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.” 

John Dewey ( 1859-1952)

I remember that shortly before ending my career in computer engineering, 5 years ago, I was doing my pre professional practices in Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), for those who don’t know it, it is one of the banks with greater seniority and prestige in Peru, which gave me to think that after a few months of being practicing there the labor market would be more extensive for me.

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Wisdom of the day for 09/02/14 Regret

Some astral physicist say that time is just a means to keep all things in order as they happen because the conscious human mind can’t fathom the fact that time is not real. 1,321 more words

Personal Development

Don’t let technology rule your work days.

3 ways to work around it:

  1.  Set a time limit. You can easily lose track of time when you log in. It doesn’t even have to be a case of slacking off.
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The 3-Step Recipe for Growth

Ever wondered what it would actually take to make the team grow? Well, to be honest, it seems worryingly simple. It’s actually deceptive. If people will grow, the team will grow. 912 more words


Visiting Dr. Tree

Recently I found a passage in a book that startled me. It described how some Native Americans, when ill, would seek out pine trees and stand beside them, soaking in their “energy.” 351 more words

Personal Development

Lifting the veil

Upon reading “Lifting the Veil,” a prayer in Iyanla Vanzant’s Daily StimuMail, I was reminded of my reluctance to look within myself for the reasons why I was always feeling so bad. 1,320 more words

Personal Development

Watch Mercury Again in September (Small planet, big impact.)

Some people star gaze.  Others watch birds, football, or the weather.  Me?  I watch Mercury.  Why?  Because this little planet rules communication (plus a whole lot more), and communication determines the quality and outcome of everything from soccer games to international relationships.  1,045 more words