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September challenge: Make an "I'm grateful" list

This month’s challenge comes from a quote I saw posted as part of a public participation art display in my local art gallery:

If you don’t feel grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more?

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Where to begin??

I am forever procrastinating about the things I would like to do, forever searching for my life, until it dawned on me that I spend more time thinking about it and very little to no time actually putting any of my fantastic thoughts and ideas into action. 371 more words

Weight Loss

Day 6: Let me pull up real quick...

Hello beautiful friends!

I just want to quickly mention that this little guy has better form than me, and he’s using rings. One day panda, one day. 521 more words


Torri degli Asinelli – an adventure in itself!

“Don’t do anything dangerous” echoed Simo’s voice in my head “we cannot risk anymore injuries before Ravenna”. He then went on to elaborate that climbing ladders should be avoided yet here I am like the local idiot climbing up 498 steps! 554 more words

Personal Development

Are you a dragonfly?

August 19, 2014

It is summer in Florida which means hot and hotter, interspersed with some hefty showers. We’re used to this, we know the drill: air conditioning in good working order, dress in layers, travel with liquids, an umbrella, and maybe a… 533 more words

Personal Brand

So far so good...

I forgot just how well this challenge works for me. Two days without desserts and I have done all my exercises! I also did an hour of walking today. 31 more words

Personal Challenge

Dessertjogging for pregnant women - a modified challenge

It’s been 11 weeks since my last post, in large part because I’m pregnant (!!) and my usual diet and exercise regime went out the window in Spain. 290 more words