Tags » Personal Battles

Curiosity Sparked My Generation

Making it through the day,
Not caring about who dares,
Worrying about who cares,
18, 24, 30, and 40,
Plan in full motion,
People don’t like a man without a plan, 212 more words


Completing Your Deen

It was the first time I flew,
Wish I never landed,
Was able to touch down feet first,
Put my affairs in order,

First time we talked, 208 more words


Proposal By Sunnah: I Ask For Your Hand In Marriage

Been searching jacket pockets,
Pant pockets holding hands,
Tired of feeling cold,
Feeling chills,
Tried to hold the sun above water,
Saw my reflection bouncing off watery eyelids, 388 more words


Reasons I Go To War: Slander & Muslimah

Two reasons I go to war,
Slandering my Prophet (pbuh),
Abusing our women,
Knight in shining armor,
That is not why I do it, 267 more words


Terrorism By The West (Europeans a.k.a Americans)

Knowledge is a blessing,
Non-muslims forgot understanding,
Look at the figures,
Truth dressed in disguise,
I come bringing blessing,

No conspiracies,
Europeans separated from kingship, 383 more words


Money Ain't Love (Waiting For Happiness To Dry)

Someone asked, “why you smiling”,
I didn’t understand why frowning had to be,
Millionaire dreams exist when I day-dream,
As I walk,
I’m the man one everyone knows, 425 more words


Girl (In) My Dreams: Safety Raped By History

I wrote my masterpiece,
Leonardo wished Divici,
Langston uttered Shakur,
Marley brainstormed Marvin,
Picasso wrote my odessey,

Musically inclined,
Guantom wished they imprisoned me,
Heeded an old man’s advice, 504 more words