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“Jason is a white person’s name… you can’t be Asian!”

I have heard it all. I had a recruiter look at me hard for a full three minutes and say “are you sure you are Jason Cushman?” I of course looked down at my hand like I was reading something and then looked up and said “yep, it is still Jason Cushman.” Honestly I like my name. 494 more words


Good days are coming.

its 2Nd of September 2014 and its one of the most difficult time i am passing. Hence i have very few hope left and some bustard guy is messing with me badly. 90 more words


First post, of all time, forever

Hello world!

Now that I’ve done the obligatory programming joke, I must preface this by saying that making this first post is a really big deal for me.   810 more words


White on White

I was once so ugly he threw me down the stairs. I was once so rotten he smacked me ‘cross face. I was once so young I was taken for a fool. 293 more words


Goals for the Week: Week Three

And so, here we are again… And I have come to realize that I am a serial procrastinator. It’s bad. So bad. Especially when it comes to studying. 327 more words


Happy September!

I can almost taste the Fall! It feels so unreal that the summer is almost officially over and my first day of classes starts this week. 111 more words