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Got issues? Jesus can help

Health issues. Money woes. Family problems. Issues, plain and simple. We all have them. A little help here, please.

Our world is broken, but the Creator knows the infrastructure. 1,322 more words

Christian Living

The Aspects of Success

My mind is the engine of all greatness and is the most important part of myself. My mind represents my brain bereft of the animal leftovers of my forebears. 596 more words


#Success is combination of right TIME, right PEOPLE and right MONEY. Just ensure right people & wait for rest.

If Success is right TIME, right MONEY and right PEOPLE, then get the right PEOPLE first and other two things will come to you automatically to make you SUCCESS. 455 more words


The Little Seed That Could

Not despising growth.

I’m like a little seed that planted itself in soil and wanted to see daylight but couldn’t because the surface was in the way so instead grew some roots. 206 more words

Allowing Yourself

#Hope keeps you alive, but kill your DOING. Never stop doing

When you start hoping, you start living positive #life. For #mind, hope is basically a “positive” DREAM which has not come true yet. The day you stop hoping, extreme negativity will infect your mind and may kill you, so hope keeps you alive. 345 more words


Trusting the universe, all the way to the end

In the movie Chariots of Fire, a runner nears the finish line in the 1924 Olympics in Paris, he looks back and is overcome by the runner behind him. 732 more words


corpse calm

toes spread to stars

a glow appears

beneath each hand as the breath flows

twisting cracks

stretching aches sooth

stiffness cries out

the sage wields his staff… 6 more words

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