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It is what it is...or?

I hear the expression “it is what it is” quite frequently.  Sometimes I wonder if the speaker is simply stating a fact or is resigned to an unhappy outcome.   135 more words


TI (9)? I Exist… And You?

Much has happened over the past week as David slouches in the saddle once again. Last time we reviewed how the power of affirmations and visualization can lead to great success, personally and professionally. 781 more words

Career Development

Perception is everything.

Or so they say.

It doesn’t matter who you really are, as much as who people think you are. Yes, perception is everything. 2,538 more words


Plugged In?

We say, “call me if you need me”

But we never get the call

FB, Instagram & Twitter have replaced

Hearing words at all.


We’ve become a world of wondering, 93 more words


A subtle yet pivotal shift in perspective

When we are strongly identified and immersed in and as the ego mind we struggle to notice that we are completely hypnotized by it. We may be wide awake yet still asleep. 602 more words

Granny: A rock warm in the sun...

We sit upon these rocks, don’t we, my dearies? Warm and safe, or so we think, our bottoms planted securely upon the ancient and weathered stone, our heads tilted slightly so we can catch the last of the sun’s rays. 308 more words

Alter Ego


Benchmark is a 10 resource team who have started a venture to provide benchmark scores for startups with reference to their competitors. Julie a startup entrepreneur comes to Benchmark with a strange problem… 234 more words