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Chillin... with heartsblood...

Early morning penetrations arouse me sufficiently
to fall back into Morpheus’ arms
returning to the day
twinkle and smile in place:
Hello Today.

Afternoon’s are for long lazy loving, lengthy thorough… 91 more words


On Set

All bloody lifers-
Out in The Suburbs
Under canvas awaiting our call
In and outdoors en montage
Stage or Screen, World of Mirage

Painted lovely… 71 more words

Pepper Poetries

Jugular Jig

It’s hard
Getting these pieces
Letting Folk take this
While remaining to live thro endless strife
Smiles of grief for my lost better life.

They’re cold… 110 more words


Who Stole His Mind?

I went to Sea
across the Salish Tide
I came to be
where safety did abide.

It did not play
even remotely close
Moving in day… 134 more words

Pepper Poetries

Align My Stars

Take me outside for quick gulps of air
A quiet dark place, a brand new somewhere
To watch stars.

Mine are stranger than these strange days. 59 more words


So Quotable.

Endlessly quotable-

They think me most sociable
very approachable
and yes, uncontrollable

What a mug!

I’m just emotional
it’s always revokable
The cure, is so notable… 22 more words


Show Me

Speaking in tongues, where actions are words
I still have no translation
For the empty spaces
Times of No Reply.

Listening to Nick Drake, a man sparse of speech… 56 more words