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peacock - close-, closer-, closest-up.


ink paintings of a peacock. three steps, going from a close-up, to a ‘closer-up’ and ending with the ‘closest-up’… It was very interesting to paint.

Drawings And Paintings

Timeout for Art: An Invasion of Ideas

The problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it is how to contain the invasion. My ideas are like uninvited guests. They don’t knock on the door; they climb in through the windows like burglars… 657 more words


Basic Drawing Process

My process of drawing is very simple and basic really, here is an sample. In the first image I like to start my drawing as a thin line drawing to help with the basic shape I want to convey using a very thin pencil lead to create a fine line which I can easily rub out any mistakes I may make or want to change the positioning of my object. 139 more words


Pencil drawings & sketches

I’ve often said here that my first love is pencil.  I believe the ability to draw is one of the most important tools in the artist’s box, and sketching things out of my imagination and memory is a favorite pastime. 215 more words

The Harries Twins

For my friend, I drew Finn and now also Jack Harries. Hope you like my sketches :)

I think I’m going to draw and paint a little more again, because the holidays are over and I have art class again, and drawing is a good way to calm down after school work :D


houses and homes and love

I may be on the slow track to “finding myself” or figuring out what I want to do with life or whatever, but two things I know for sure are that I like STUFF and I like HOUSES.  751 more words


Work in Progress and that Tricky Fella, Norman Rockwell

Below is a shot of my work in progress. I bet it seemed that I haven’t been doing anything! Lazy girl, you say! Not so, not so! 901 more words