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Books, Reading, Etc.

  • New fodder for the annual “Read A Good Movie” display – hoping to also plan some great book-to-movie discussions.
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School Libraries

We all know what pedagogy is, but what is "andragogy?"

Adult education practice is most often associated with the term “andragogy.” Malcolm Knowles (1984), first introduced the term in America in 1967, describing it as “the art and science of helping adults learn.” The “science” is usually thought of as the systematic activity, methods and knowledge acquired through formal education, training and practical experience and used to design, develop, implement and evaluate training and educational programs for adult learners. 99 more words

Adult Education

The Electronic Learning Space


Computers, IWB’S and I Pads “ do not transform teaching and learning, they support it and represent resources that extend what teachers already do.” Murray & Olcese (2011).

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Marsden Professional Learning Session 11

Today’s professional learning session was awesome! We were exploring creativity in practice. Teachers presented examples of how they develop creativity in their students. It was fantastic to see the outcomes students have produced – some really amazing stuff – but, more importantly, to hear about the means by which creativity has been encouraged. 211 more words


Student expectations, responsibilities, and rights in the classroom.

Many teachers spend time in the first few days and weeks of school getting to know their students. They do this through games, role-playing, hands-on activities, and questionnaires. 840 more words

Lesson Planning

Teaching Math a Third Way

I was reading Harry Webb’s advice to a new secondary teacher, describing his usual classroom procedure for “senior maths”, as an addendum to his earlier post on… 1,977 more words