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Support the Pets and Women's Safety Act.

The new bill H.R.5267, also known as The Pets and Women’s Safety (PAWS)  Act would increase protection for the companion animals of women in domestic abuse or stalking situations. 153 more words

Action Letters

Tomcat Thursday

In the mid-eighteenth century, a popular children’s book called “The Life and Adventures of a Cat” featured a cat named Tom. Since then, the word has taken on several other meanings.


Sober Magic


Every day for the past 6 years I have gotten up to walk my beloved dog. When we were both younger we ran. A lot. Most of the time, I realize now, I was running from shame and guilt. 470 more words

Early Sobriety

Post Acute Withdrawal (PAWS) ain't no joke!

I am so irritable this week. My moods are all.over.the.place! 

I wanted to throw burning spears at my landlord because the water pressure was low in the shower this morning. 497 more words

Early Sobriety