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Devotional day 30---IN TIME

Text: Eccl. 3

The one you can do, please do and leave no stone unturned and believe, for in time; it’d be fine… :)

TODAY’S MELODY: 7 more words


Devotional day 31---THANK YOU LORD

Text: Phil 4:4

God’s best food; Gratitude— if you haven’t served it to Him throughout August; my dear, it’s not too late to ‘clean the dishes’ and say; 30 more words


Patiently Impatient

1.Patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Patience has never been my strongest suit, I am more like the little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…”I Want It Now!” Have you ever been in a position where all you can do is sit back wait and be patient for things to unfold as they will? 385 more words


Two Hands

When his ship sails

past the edges

of the sea

she waits, a beacon

in one hand

while with the other


every little pebble… 9 more words


The Here and Now

All through college I heard so much about the importance of place, of the dirt beneath your feet, of opening your eyes as wide as they’ll go and looking watchfully at the walls and horizons which surround you. 540 more words