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It is said that...

These patterns are used for information that are not 100% sure yet believed by many.

It is said that + S + V

He is said to be … 99 more words


Your eyes
are singing to me
in my sleep.
Dreamy melodies
drift from your gaze
and serenade me
with promises
of nighttime love
that won’t come true… 228 more words


#332 of 365 - "talismans"



vague images

hard memories


like tears

wait for me

like thieves

come to swallow

up my years

but I have secrets


and armor… 23 more words


Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread

Make this sweet bread with me
like Mother made with quarter flour and lard
in our square kitchen where she sang and stepped… 217 more words


You Go Your Way

You left a great big gaping hole

Inside my heart, oh did you know?

A place that only you could fill,

And now that only time can heal. 107 more words



She reads.
All of me – all of my life, my loves, my mistakes, my small triumphs…

She reads it all. Every. Fucking. Word… that I have written… 200 more words


Higher fall.

The 3 words uttered from his lips are like music to my soul, ‘I love you’ he says over and over again. ‘I know’ I whisper, a nagging feeling at the bottom of my stomach.. 178 more words