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Elvis' Past Life Shock

In shocking celebrity news, previously unpublished memoirs by Elvis Presley indicate that the singer had undergone past-life therapy in the 1970s, and was firmly convinced that he had once lived as celebrated German-Irish sausage maker Klaus O’Reilly, who died in Belgium in 1887 after tripping and falling into his sausage machine and turning himself into knackwurst.

Past Life


A brother who was into rebellion, never have respect for elders, his parents, he was into drug, alcoholic, sexual immorality etc Along the line he later end up in hospital and finally met the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender all to Jesus Christ but after 5yrs of enjoying God, GHOST OF THE PAST came back, hurting his life; He felt like the presence of the Lord was withdrawing from him, he began to hear a voice, telling him that, he has denied the Lord and accusing him of many other things, he began to have terrible dreams, troubling in praying and reading the bible, he was not fervent again, feel backsliding; 582 more words


ونحن.. لنا هذا البؤس
اذا أردت... المواد الخام من لوحة موديلياني

ƸӜƷ Faerie Realms ƸӜƷ

The Faerie Realms have been very well-known amongst Pagans, Wiccans and Fae believers. Initially, I believe only in the Source, the Angels and my higher self. 306 more words


Nothing Is Impossible

Audrey Hepburn, the beautiful star of Hollywood said, “Nothing is impossible. The word “impossible” itself says,” I’m possible”.

Just reading these words is so uplifting, so energizing. 471 more words

Surekha Kothari

The Reality of Magick

A Question I received yesterday:

I I really need some help I really what you to make this boy have all the same classes with me and like me please I’ll. 511 more words

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An all too common type of question (whether for requesting magickal assistance, life coaching, timeline jumping, etc.), followed by an excellent response by Amythyst. I've spoken before of what I call "the rotten fruits of desperation," and Amythyst offers wise words for people who find themselves obsessed with controlling a particular outcome and timing. The only thing I would add is that often this kind of dynamic indicates past life bleedthrough -- old patterns affecting our perceptions and magnifying our feelings to bizarre and disproportionate degrees in this lifetime. Compulsion enters the picture. When that happens, nothing is as it appears, and basing magick on an illusion or distorted perception creates far more trouble than you imagine it would, because you're only looking at the tip of the iceberg or even its reflection on the ocean, not the deep, massive, unseen parts of it. Thanks to Amythyst for bringing practical wisdom to the mystical realm. :)

Another One?

It started with a memory of being crucified.  

Before I go any further let me reassure you that this life was not in Judea; it was in what is now Germany from what I gather. 686 more words