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Sleeping Beauty

Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

It was never something of the utmost importance to me, until arriving at college. Sleep used to be my enemy. It meant cutting off The Goonies before I could see the end, or taking my phone away so I couldn’t text the boy I liked that week until 12:30 in the morning. 564 more words

Bachelor(ette) Parties

I don’t have a problem with couples having individual parties before they get married. 

I don’t have a problem with strippers. 

I do have a problem with how people talk about these parties. 288 more words


How to plan a family reunion

During a moment of temporary insanity about two years ago, I decided I would organize the first Campbell Family reunion. My mother is a Campbell and we have a wonderfully fun, involved extended family. 731 more words

When Dreams Come True (Christina, Age 31)

I first interviewed Christina D’Angelo over a year ago. I sat at her kitchen table late one evening. The bright red mixer whirred and Christina stood in front of it, wearing a white apron and wielding a spatula. 338 more words


Dancing in the Grass

Labor Day weekend … a time to celebrate the culmination of days of hot sun and rain showers, t-shirts and shorts, barefooting and cooling off in the lake. 636 more words


Long Island Teas, and Directions

Hello Mr.Joyce,

I imagine that you have settled back to work well? I too, would frown upon your injury. I told you that hippopotamuses are not good creatures. 415 more words

Cocaine, dwarfs and business associates

Last weekend I find myself standing, swaying ever so slightly, in a throng of party people I didn’t really know. It was a 40th. I get a perverse pleasure welcoming others to this decade, so make a point of going to them. 684 more words