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My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 89 ... Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re experiencing Parkinson’s, chances are you are also experiencing adrenal fatigue. The primary cause of adrenal fatigue, stress, is also one of the root causes of Parkinson’s. 649 more words


Ice, Ice Baby: Part 2

I was nominated a few days ago to complete the ice bucket challenge, and after recovering from my cold (I didn’t think it best to dump a bucket of freezing water over my head while I was ill) I completed it. 150 more words


Connecting at Waterloo - Gordon Corrigan's New History

This post is not so much a book review as a thank you to Alison at Atlantic books.  When the last Atlantic books catalogue came out there was, as ever, several titles that interested me. 1,087 more words


Recovering from Parkinson's Disease: What I Avoid, What I Recommend and a Few Last Words

I hope by now after reading this series of blogs I’ve posted on ‘My Recovery from Parkinson’s,’ you realize that it’s possible to recover from this supposedly incurable disease. 814 more words


Last Flight

I’ve taken my last flight today,
dazed, though not confused.
It’s called Airport Security
but to me it’s just bad news.
Dignity disabled,
but pride still left to lose, 12 more words


My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 88 ... Avoid Dairy

When you’re recovering from Parkinson’s or any other chronic illness for that matter, I think it is really important to avoid dairy, including milk and cheese.   545 more words