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A meander through Montmartre

Another day and another arrondissement wander, this time around arrondissement 18, or Montmartre.

Traditionally this is an area full of struggling artists, although not too many of them can afford Montmartre prices these days. 381 more words



I recently took a nighttime walk past the Louvre, where a thin red filament of light currently runs from the pyramid’s point to base. French artist Claude Lévêque installed the indoor lightning bolt this past spring. 66 more words


Pre-New York to do list.

  1.  Deep cleanse bedroom until it resembles less of a hovel and more of a dwelling fit for actual human beings.
  2. Check into Charles De Gaulle to JFK flight to ensure I get a decent seat and will not be spending 9 hours sandwiched between two people openly flouting the laws of arm rest courtesy.
  3. 190 more words

je t'aime paris

it’s september – SEPTEMBER. when did that happen?


it’s taken me over a month to get this up, but better late than never right? i’d also like to add that i coudn’t find my camera’s usb cord to upload my photos so that added to the delay. 958 more words


A Croissant a day

Isn’t a big part of travelling exploring new foods, flavours and dishes?  In Paris that of course means eating a croissant (at least) a day!  And, it is a fact that they taste better when eaten at a street side café where you can watch the world go by. 92 more words

Often Overlooked: Église de Saint Sulpice

I think it’s fair to say most of us develop certain habits when our lives fall into a schedule. We get up at the same times, know when we can sit for a few more minutes with coffee and when it’s time to scramble for shoes and keys and get out the door, and take the same route to work. 729 more words


September 1st 12:10PM

Just text Amy.

Me: Dirty bitch. >.>