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On Parenthood, by a New Mom

As I write this post, I am half staring at a baby monitor that is displaying my finally sleeping 2 month old. In order to achieve this sleep-state there was lots of crying, flailing of little arms, passy-spitting, boppy dropping, burping and spitting up and at last a final surrender to the Sand Man. 887 more words

The women I leave you with....

I’m back at work, hence the silence and my baby has just turned 9 months old. Its amazing how fast time has flown and how much my daughter has grown. 277 more words


For My daughter

I dream of more for you, of a perfect world

A place, where you can be all that you can dream to be

Utopia, where all you comprehend is jubilation… 73 more words


How to Spot an Autistic Kid

Hello dear readers.

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here, and there have been many-a reason for that. However, of late, I’ve felt increasingly inclined to sit and write a post that I think would benefit many people. 1,599 more words


Future tripping

No matter how many books you read or courses you attend or talks you listen to, nothing fully prepares you for parenting. No one warned me about the paradoxes of motherhood which means how you can feel different, opposing emotions at exactly the same time. 1,369 more words


A Fifty-Two-Year-Old Galoot's Take on Mother's Milk

I’m not looking to make trouble, but I’ve been thinking a lot about breastfeeding since grandson Cole was born on November 30, 2013. Granted, this subject falls into the None-of-Your-Damned-Business Department, but that’s never stopped me from having my say. 1,336 more words