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River's Quickie Reviews!

River has been super busy with her new job (MIT, baby!), so she’s allowed me to share with you guys a few quickie reviews she’s written for a few books she’s read recently. 747 more words

Bitter butter on bad black bran bread

There was a knock at his door. “Yes?” Why didn’t he think to say do not disturb?

“It’s Emily.”

Philo ushered her in.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” 715 more words


Watching Your Dreams - Part Six

I backed away, unwilling to hear anything else my father said to her. He was talking to my mother’s mother. I never got the full story of what happened to my mother. 1,199 more words


As Above So Below

In a way this movie was a bit like Indiana Jones meets the horror genre and that was one of the things which I enjoyed about the film. 354 more words

Dark Light Reviews

Watching Your Dreams - Part Five

I tried not to think about the knives. I wasn’t exactly successful. The knives, and their simple greeting, haunted my dreams–and my waking hours–more than anything had ever haunted me before. 1,032 more words


Lone Wolfe Protector By Kaylie Newell Brings Gothic Overtones to Contemporary Romantic Suspense

I love paranormal and I also adore romantic suspense, but I was surprised and inordinately pleased to see that the combination of the two in the hands of author Kaylie Newell became something more than the sum of these two genres. 735 more words


Can Skeptics Handle The Truth About The Unexplained?

I got a sudden upsurge of traffic on the blog a couple of weeks ago after my last post. Mike Hallowell’s article claimed that a Neanderthal had been shot dead by time-travelling hunters using modern firearms. 1,630 more words