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Mapping chromosome positions with 'sperm cartography'

This post expands on a poster I presented at the International Chromosome Conference (ICC20) in Canterbury; download the pdf here.

The term ‘nuclear organisation’ refers (in genetics) to the positions that chromosomes adopt in the nucleus of a non-dividing cell. 723 more words


지렁이-파리-인간 ?!

Comparative analysis of regulatory information and circuits across distant species.

Nature 512, 453–456 (28 August 2014)

이번 주 Nature를 보면 ‘ENCODE and modENCODE research consortia’에서 발표된 논문들이 다수 발표 되었습니다. 76 more words


Writing Life

- I don’t write a lot unlike any other people who enjoys writing journals, papers, reports, etc. However, I somewhat do enjoy writing time to time depending on what I am writing about. 473 more words


Take a moment to sit down and write it down

A local banker stopped in today to purchase a journal for his niece that is starting college. He wanted it to be a keepsake, but he really wants her to write in it versus treating it like a photograph, only offering a quick glance on occasion.  157 more words

My Thoughts

Paper on Celestina at the I Congreso Internacional sobre libro medieval y moderno

The I Congreso Internacional sobre libro medieval y moderno is taking place in Zaragoza from the 10th to the 12th of September 2014. According to the official programme of the event, at 10:55 on Friday the 12th, the independent researcher  Remedios Prieto de la Iglesia will be giving a paper on a celestinesque topic, with the title “Constricciones y libertades ortográficas de los impresores en cuatro ediciones tempranas de  8 more words


Sales down again, web traffic up: how long have Yorkshire's daily papers got?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: sales of all of Yorkshire’s daily newspapers continued to fall in the first half of this year while web traffic was way up. 273 more words